Corning's Within Wireless Features Heather Moyer, CEO & President of HNM Systems

By: Heather Moyer, November 27th, 2023

Featured on Within Wireless, a web series powered by Corning, Heather Moyer, President, CEO and Founder of HNM Systems, talks with fellow industry experts about the evolving wireless market and its implications for enterprise, carrier, and supply chain verticals.

Heather from HNM Systems joins a community of wireless enthusiasts, Robert Perrelli, Director of Wireless Channels at Corning Optical Communications and Carla Shaffer, VP of WESCO’s Wireless Division to explore the condition of the wireless technology market, the pivotal sectors fueling demand, IoT, private networks, and the actions leaders must take to engage Generation Z. Their state-of-the-art insights encompass talent, technology, partnerships, and innovation, connecting viewers with the latest advancements in the wireless domain.

In their discussions, they delve into the transformative influence of strategic partnerships, emphasizing the power they hold in driving organizational success. They thoroughly examine the art of recruiting the “right” talent, investigating strategies for identifying and acquiring individuals whose skills align with the specific needs of their enterprise. The importance of reskilling and upskilling takes center stage as they navigate the evolving landscape of technology and industry demands, focusing on equipping teams with the necessary expertise. Additionally, they tackle the challenge of engaging Generation Z, understanding their unique perspectives and re-tooling their communication strategies to effectively connect with this dynamic demographic. Lastly, their conversations embody the concept of smart spending, emphasizing prudent financial decisions that optimize resources for sustainable growth and innovation.

Watch the complete episode at Within Wireless and subscribe to their channel to get the latest updates about upcoming episodes. As a world leader in fiber optics and telecommunications, Within Wireless, powered by Corning, draws on their industry-leading expertise to connect you with the newest advancements in the wireless space.

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