Our Goal to Positively Impact Three Million Lives

By: Kyra McCue on March 16th, 2022

Throughout the past two years, the Covid-19 pandemic has negatively impacted every aspect of our society. It has diminished mental health, created food insecurity, torn families apart, and left millions without employment. HNM Systems experienced these devastating effects firsthand and vowed to be a beacon of light in the darkness taking place around us. 

In a normal work week, our team contacts several hundred jobseekers, but during the height of the Covid-19 spread, this number tripled. There was a total of 32.5 million Americans without jobs at one point during the pandemic, with the darkest days resulting in 3 million Americans, or roughly one percent of our population, applying for unemployment in a single week 

As a staffing and recruiting company, we felt personally responsible to help as many people find jobs as we could, while also providing a sense of security for our entire team. Throughout 2020, HNM offered free career support services, sent care packages to our employees, many of which were considered essential workers, and helped distribute masks to those on the frontlines. We also offered tips for adapting to remote work, and hosted free virtual “office hours” for those who could benefit from job advice given by our customer success team, which allowed us to expand our impact beyond our initial employee base. Additionally, HNM was able to redeploy 268 W2 contractor employees into new roles that highlighted their skills after being let go by their previous employers.  

While the pandemic comes to a hopeful end and the world starts to recover, HNM is proud to share that we have adopted a new company wide goal: HNM Systems is committed to positively impacting three million lives. We chose the number three million as a nod to the darkest period our industry experienced, when one percent of the population was out of work during a single week. This goal will serve as a reminder that we can always be a positive force in others’ lives, even in the most challenging of times. There is nothing more rewarding for us than finding a candidate their dream job and arming them with the tools needed to provide for their family. We are excited to spread positivity to three million lives and beyond. 

Want to be part of our mission? Email us at info@hnmsystems.com for ways you can get involved!