Our leadership team has over 40 years of combined technical staffing experience.

As an HNM employee, you’ll enjoy continuity in your career, even while exploring the many paths available in the telecommunications space. Professional guidance from a leadership team with over forty years’ experience can empower you take calculated risks to achieve your career goals. And while you’re doing what you do best, we’ll keep tabs on your benefits, paychecks, and business travel.

Being an HNM employee means more than a connection to exciting, innovative projects with industry-leading companies. It means the chance to forge your own career path by being embedded in a network that offers support, professional guidance, and individual empowerment.

We vow to positively effect 3 million lives around the world.

We walk the talk by focusing on our own people first. From career to community, our employees find that having a home base offers the chance to be their best and face challenges. The number arose from the pandemic, but the philosophy has always been part of HNM.

Abigail Mosley

Senior Customer Success Manager

Adeline Folger

Resource Development Manager Level I

Amanda McCloskey

People Operations Coordinator

Alisa Scibilia

People Operations Manager

Allyson Indihar


Ashia Martin

Resource Development Manager Level I

Bobby Lipton

Senior Resource Development Manager

Candace Hay

Head of People Operations

Emily Murphy

Vice President of Operations

Gigi Garcia

Customer Success Coordinator

Heather Moyer

President/CEO and Founder

Jason Barnard

Outside Plant Engineer

Jeffrey Skarvan

Vice President of Business Development

Justin Jones

Resource Development Manager Level I

Justin Stuck

Outside Plant Engineer

Kaitlyn Kevari

Finance Lead

Kameron Farnham

Outside Plant Engineer

Kelsey Dougall

People Operations Coordinator

Kory Cook

Resource Development Manager Level II

Meredith Fano

Customer Success Lead

Morgan Forbes

Division Director

Roark Browne

Resource Development Manager Level II

Fun Fact

I used to be a tour guide in college at UC Davis. I would walk backwards for an hour and a half!

Fun Fact

When I was in high school, my archery team won State two years in a row and was ranked third in the nation.

Fun Fact

I was a camp counselor for 5 years and know too many random animal facts.

Fun Fact

I worked as a runway model in the 80’s!

Fun Fact

I have a sweet tooth! I think I get this from my Grandfather, who was a dentist, and said a meal should always finish with dessert!

Fun Fact

A bear chased me through a parking lot.

Fun Fact

I ran with the bulls in Pamplona after celebrating with the Bulls in Chicago prior to being rejected by the bull-training school in Madrid.

Fun Fact

I have been to 48 states.

Fun Fact

I was on a competitive jump roping team in middle school!

Fun Fact

I have won an air guitar competition!

Fun Fact

I was on my middle school’s wrestling team!

Fun Fact

I have three motorcycles and three diesel cars that I tinker with, one of which I'm trying to convert into a race car.

Fun Fact

I am a painter/photographer/sculptor and my work is in various private, corporate and public art collections.

Fun Fact

I have traveled to more countries than states, but working on fixing that. I also have never broken a bone.

Fun Fact

I served in the USMC for 8 years, and I am a twin.

Fun Fact

I summited Mt. Whitney (which is the highest mountain in the contiguous United States and the Sierra Nevada) in high school.

Fun Fact

My passion is songwriting and performing. I worked for several years as the front man for the band Left Without.

Fun Fact

I used to be the face of Lexus in Spokane and have done numerous commercials to promote the dealership.

Fun Fact

I lived in Cabo San Lucas.

Fun Fact

I am related to the 7th signer of the Declaration of Independence, Robert Morris!

Fun Fact

I've travelled abroad to 7 different countries, and the start and end of my modeling career was when I was a 2-year-old Huggies diaper model.

Fun Fact

I have never met someone with the same first name as me.

Our Mission

To unite talent, technology and purpose.

Our Commitment

At HNM, we like to think of ourselves as part talent agent, part personal assistant, and part parent (not the meddling kind!). In other words, we watch out for our own and will do whatever we can to smooth out the bumps on your career path. At HNM, we’re with you every step of the way.

Our Core Values

How we measure our own success.

Relentlessly People Driven

We keep others top of mind when making decisions. We wholeheartedly serve our community and honor the goals, needs, and well-being of those with whom we work.

Progressively Agile

We remain flexible and adaptive. Because we prioritize outcome over process, we welcome interactive change in order to achieve the best possible results.

Seize the Opportunity

We choose to see challenges as opportunities rather than obstacles. Instead of fearing failure, we take decisive action to benefit those we serve, both inside and outside our organization.

Transparent Relationships

We communicate openly and honestly. Rather than requiring perfection, we develop authentic relationships and encourage all to be true to themselves.

Be Home Base

We are your career development hub! We invite feedback and actively listen. We go the extra mile to provide growth opportunities, practical support, and professional guidance to our employees.