Welcome to the Future of HNM Systems

By Heather Moyer

When I started HNM Systems on the bottom floor of my townhouse back in 2011, I would have never imagined that it would turn into the business that it is today. 11 years and hundreds of thousands of changed lives later, we have evolved into more than just a staffing and recruiting company.  

As HNM Systems continues to work towards our goal of uniting people, technology, and purpose, I would like to share a few exciting updates:  

Uniquely Customized Operating Model 

Throughout the past few months, my team and I have worked together to establish cross-functional team alignment focused on our customers’ priorities, fueling the creation of a five-step approach called the Uniquely Customized Operating Model. Leveraging both existing and new automation and AI tools, this new process allows us to implement highly targeted candidate marketing, recruit talent quickly, leverage our existing networks, and deliver exceptional employee retention. The introduction of this Uniquely Customized Operating Model will further enhance our client delivery and facilitate our mission to positively impact 3 Million lives. 

Updated Digital Presence 

This next chapter of our business would not be complete without a refreshed digital presence, including our updated website featuring a new design and advanced toolset. HNM Systems partnered with Movetic, a talented local branding agency, over the past few months to create an updated website design that is in line with our new operating processes. The website highlights these new additions, as well as an updated color palette and technological design elements that align with our vision of becoming a technology company that does staffing.  

Customer-Success Driven Approach  

2022 is the year of customer satisfaction and delivery. We are taking our people-driven approach to the next level by enabling our customers’ advancement with technological evolution and aligned subject matter expertise. Our business process optimization aligned to our three core business units (Utility and Network Construction, Wireless and Wireline, and Information Technology) will allow us to streamline our recruiting process and connect with more top talent, empowering us to better serve our customers. Each business unit will have a dedicated team committed to helping them achieve success while fostering stronger relationships and achieving maximum efficiency through the help of our evolving AI technology tools. 

I am so excited about the future of HNM Systems! If you have any questions about anything listed above, please feel free to reach out to us at info@hnmsystems.com