HNM Makes Inc. 5000 for Second Year in a Row

By Kyra McCue on October 2nd, 2020
In the face of this year’s challenges, the HNM team is celebrating making the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies.

2020 isn’t our first year being selected, either. HNM Systems moved up the rankings from the lucky number of 4999 in 2019 to 2369 in 2020. Three-year revenue growth of 176% has made this jump possible. Take a look below to learn more about Inc. 5000, how HNM Systems made the list, and what this means for the future of HNM.


What Is Inc. 5000?

Inc. 5000 is a magazine that tracks the three-year revenue growth of privately held small businesses throughout the United States. Each year, Inc. 5000 compiles data from companies with high revenue growth and adds them to their list of the 5000 fastest-growing privately held companies. Companies who make the list are said to have reached entrepreneurial success and many continue their trajectory of growth well into the future.

Companies who have previously been nominated for the Inc. 5000 list include MicrosoftUnder ArmourPandoraChobani, and Facebook.

What Contributed to HNM’s Growth This Year?

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has brought on rapidly changing demands, HNM Systems has shown resilience to thrive regardless of what obstacles are thrown their way.

Heather Moyer, President and Chief Executive Officer, has found success by providing a people-driven, outcome-oriented approach for employees and customers alike:  “Our product is people, so our people are our #1 priority. We are the advocate of our people, and we take that responsibility seriously.”

While the median revenue growth rate for companies on the list has been 165% since 2016, HNM Systems has grown 176% since 2016. This success can be attributed to the people-driven approach that HNM Systems takes in all aspects of their business.

What Does This Mean for the Future of HNM?

Being recognized as one of Inc. 5000’s fastest-growing private companies will help HNM Systems maintain its trusted partner status, as well as pave the way for future growth within the Information Communication Technology (ICT) and Emerging Technology (ET) sectors.

“It is an honor for HNM to be recognized as the leader in ICT (wireless and wireline) staffing by Inc. 5000 for the second year in a row. I am incredibly proud of my talented and diligent staff for their commitment to both the people we serve and our long-term vision,” says Moyer.

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