How to Improve Recruitment in the Technology Industry

By Heather Moyer on December 22nd, 2021

As a hiring manager in the information technology industry, you often receive hundreds of candidates with fancy degrees, prestige and skill keywords, yet the hardest part is finding the most qualified candidate.

As a manager, you focus on finding someone with the right skills, culture fit, future performance and retention, which can be hard to find on a resume. Recruiters and hiring managers are hiring out of the box, they are looking at things such as ability and skill set. We are now analyzing analytics to find out who would be the best hire.

Skills Hiring Managers Look For In Candidates

The 3 most important qualifications that hiring managers look at prior to bringing someone onsite is:

Previous Work Experience

Look at the previous positions this person has held. Were they high performers that grew rapidly in their roles or did they hold the same position for years? Their previous work experience can show you whether or not the person will be able to grow within your company.

Years of Experience

This is an important way to see if someone is qualified without having to look through endless portfolios, according to Hacker Rank’s 2018 Developer Skills Report. This is a good resume-based signal for proven skill,

Personal Projects

An applicant with professional personal projects like developing a WordPress theme or creating an email list that curated Facebook ads can have qualities that an applicant with a resume filled with internships and prestigious degrees can’t. It shows the applicant’s specific skills rather than just listing them, and it shows that they are the type of person that sets a goal and accomplishes it.

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