Contracting Success in California for National Network & Utilities Construction Company

By: Heather Moyer on August 25th, 2023

As a leading provider of utility engineering, construction, and network installation services, HNM’s client serves the telecommunications, broadband cable, electric power, natural gas, and low voltage technology industries. Until recently, the company’s division in California maintained a small engineering team that was only able to offer limited services, and they had their sights set on growing their capabilities and diversifying their services. Their partnership with HNM Systems proved to be the secret to keeping that long, winning track record going.

The California division’s big opportunity for growth arose in mid-2018 with a high-demand contract for a Fortune 500 telecommunications company that would give them the chance to grow their team and expertise. But there was no room for trial and error. The pressure was on to build trust and demonstrate value quickly. 

Keeping Up With Labor Demands

But after winning the bid, HNM Client’s engineering team saw its workload increase so rapidly that it couldn’t keep up with staffing needs. They were not only needing to meet the demands on of a new type of work but also a high volume of it.

Contracting For Success

To grow the business, HNM’s Client would need to find a way to fill their gap in staffing in a way that would keep them flexible without sacrificing quality. This is where HNM became a critical extension to their team by helping them quickly find and onboard qualified workers Area Manager calls, “top notch.”

HNM provided key resources in early stages of the project. HNM Outside Plant Engineers performed the site surveys and assisted with permit applications while HNM CAD Drafters created drawings for permits. 

The telecom customer has consistently praised HNM’s Client on the quality of their engineering work. “HNM staff’s skill and professionalism proved instrumental in helping us meet the needs of our customer both quickly and efficiently,”.  Of 19 OSP Engineers and CAD Drafters who started at different times throughout 2019, 18 completed their full contract term, a 95% retention rate.

From a revenue standpoint, HNM’s Client’s engineering department tripled its revenue in the first 6 months of its engagement with HNM, and HNM staff now outnumber the full-time engineering staff in California.

A Winning Story Beyond Numbers

By deepening its bench of qualified workers in a high-demand field, HNM’s Client effectively built up its ability to expand their engineering services and the ability to scale to growing business. That success led to even more expansion, and with HNM’s help they’re now offering aerial fiber design services. 

But the winning story is truly about the strong relationship built on trust and reliability with HNM. HNM’s approach of being “Relentlessly People Driven” is a perfect fit with HNM’s Client’s team focus. Unparalleled experience in recruiting for such a highly skilled industry partnered with streamlined recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding helped equip HNM’s Client with the staff and skills it needed to turn this major opportunity into a major win.