How HNM Systems Customized a Network and Utilities Leader's Hiring Strategy for Success

By: Heather Moyer on August 22nd, 2023

Project Overview 

A leading utility construction and network installation company in the Southeast region wanted to develop better customer programs focusing on Florida, Alabama, North Carolina, and Texas. The client needed to onboard approximately 100 employees among these locations to tackle this project. At the helm of this improved hiring initiative was HNM Systems, Inc., which devised a comprehensive strategy to identify and attract the best talent to meet their staffing goals. 

Current Market Strategy 

HNM Systems began by evaluating the utility leader’s current market strategy and found that a one-size-fits-all method was insufficient to achieve success in every location. They determined that the staffing goals in the Southeast region required a different approach. HNM Systems worked with the client to develop a customized operating model with targeted recruitment campaigns and an in-depth support system to attract and retain top talent. 

The approach emphasized building stronger relationships with candidates through personalized engagement.

Opening a New Market 

To tackle a more challenging market challenge, HNM Systems applied a secondary objective to the hiring plan to expand the utility’s market to Roanoke/Dallas, Texas. They recognized that this expansion presented unique challenges, such as the need to build a new team and understand the nuances of the market. HNM Systems worked closely with critical area and division managers to assess and adjust their recruitment strategy for market challenges. After initial research and mapping the company’s needs, HNM Systems proposed a comprehensive system to identify and recruit potential candidates for the new office. 

Establishing a Project Management Team 

The utility leader’s main objective was establishing a dedicated project management team for a successful hiring initiative. HNM Systems worked with the utility to find the right project management team to address all process aspects. The team managed candidate communication, coordinated with hiring managers, and provided feedback to the utility stakeholders. This team ensured the hiring initiative stayed on track, from quickly identifying candidates to onboarding new teammates. 

Results Achieved 

The utility could successfully recruit and onboard new teammates thanks to the solid approach and comprehensive implementation of HNM Systems. In total, they were able to place 98 recruits in the Southeast region, and their new market initiative was successful in Texas, with the establishment of the Roanoke/Dallas location. This hiring initiative helped the utility boost its bottom line and achieve better business results. 

Hiring Right of Way/Title Agents 

Another element of the successful hiring initiative was targeting right-of-way/title agents. These agents would manage the sizeable overhead right-of-way easements for the utility; these individuals were critical for the utility’s ongoing growth and success. HNM Systems evaluated the required experience and skills for this position and assessed the utility’s expectations and working culture. 

Once the expectations were aligned, HNM Systems implemented an efficient, comprehensive hiring process that involved a thorough training program to provide knowledge and skills. Fortunately, 40 Right of Way/Title Agents were hired within six months by targeting candidates outside the medical/healthcare industry, including those with customer service skills, research aptitude, and critical thinking abilities. 


As an entrepreneur, business owner, or C-suite executive, it is crucial to understand the importance of customized recruitment in the growth and success of your organization. Through HNM Systems’ comprehensive approach, they can incorporate a variety of processes and techniques. Through diligence and hard work, they were able to address the challenges the utility leader faced and help them achieve their hiring goals. HNM Systems encourages companies to prioritize their recruitment strategies for long-term success and to find the best team with a qualified approach to execute them.