How to Attract and Retain Top Technology Developers

By Heather Moyer on September 5th, 2018

Top technology developers are in high demand, but it has been found that they are passive when it comes to looking for new job opportunities. Here are some ways you can attract developers to your company.


  • Provide a good work environment: They tend to care more about the environment in which they work than about their pay. While pay still matters, a positive work environment can differentiate your company from others.
  • Provide new / emerging technologies: Developers love working with the hottest technology trends. Show them how this will be a part of their role at your company.
  • Focus on growth potential: Show them a clear growth plan. Many developers hope to work in specialized roles or start their own companies in the near future, so they will be attracted to growth potential.
  • Showcase company perks: Showcase what makes your company special. This can be perks like weekly lunches, team events, educational opportunities and giving back programs.

Once you have hired top talent, you want to avoid losing them to competitors. While most developers aren’t actively searching for new jobs, 54 percent have changed jobs within the last two years.

Being such a competitive field, poaching good developers is a common practice in the trade. By having a developer-centered work environment where you show them your appreciation, you can avoid losing your top talent.

Provide them the following to make them happier and more motivated to continue working at your company.

  • Meaning: Provide developers with interesting and meaningful projects. This means switching it up so that the work doesn’t get repetitive and giving them tasks that make a difference.
  • Empowerment: Empower developers to help make decisions within their role and how they perform it. Acknowledge their expertise and suggestions, while allowing for some creative license.
  • Learning and growth: The programming world is constantly changing and so should the developers that work in this industry. Encourage employees to grow their proficiencies, learn new languages and advance their craft, so that they don’t become outdated.
  • Collaboration: Having developers work together can help them work out complex issues. Collaboration pushes them to bring their best self to the table and creates camaraderie and loyalty.
  • Recognition: Recognize your developers when they accomplish something. This creates a positive work environment and fosters motivation and loyalty in team members.
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